Leveraging Mindfulness to Optimize Focus

Mindfulness has been shown to significantly reduce stress, increase creativity, as well as improve compassion. Rahul Kulkarni, founder of Sukhi, will dive into the science of focus and ways to enhance it while coping with outside noise.

On April 28, 2022 you’ll get the opportunity to experience a Mindfulness session and learn how to leverage mindfulness to optimize focus. Join CCE and our guest speaker Rahul either in-person or virtually.

Rahul is the CEO of Sukhi. He has a background in employee wellness, mindfulness, and mental health. He’s also a former McKinsey consultant, worked in global health, and facilitated group therapy sessions in Boston. He’s been featured by Harvard, The World Bank, and Microsoft. He studied clinical psychology at Tufts Medical, abnormal psychology at Cornell, and received an MBA from MIT.

Rahul is an alumni of CCE ‘s Velocity accelerator, and we are honored to welcome him for this event.