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Designed For Good!

At EarlyGroove, we connect people to information, resources, and tools that help improve, empower, and enrich lives – all on an always free and ad-free platform!

Our Values

EarlyGroove, Inc. is a Public Benefit Corporation promoting positive community-building and well-being through technology!

Human Centered

Human Centered

We build technology tools designed around the principles of trust, privacy, and well-being.

Community Focused

Community Focused

Building tools for businesses, nonprofits, and public organizations to grow their community and connect to people who most need their products and services.

A Higher Purpose

Higher Purpose

EarlyGroove, Inc. is part of an expanding community of impact-driven companies committed to supporting the public good.

Our Team


Deborah Smith

“As a humane technologist, I built EarlyGroove out of the deep belief that communities need better digital spaces dedicated to supporting individual and collective well-being.”

M Carlson_2023

Madeline Carlson

“I am a multi-media artist and community educator committed to making EarlyGroove an inspiring and supportive digital home for all innovators, creatives, learners and doers.”


Ari Forster

“As a small business owner, my goal is to help grow the local businesses and organizations that make our communities a better place.”


Eddie Brill

New York, NY

Lou Anne Flanders-Stec

Greensboro, NC

Balint Gaspar

Winston-Salem, NC

Advisory Board


Alaina Giesbrecht

Winston-Salem, NC

Mona King

Winston-Salem, NC

Engage With Us

We’re always looking for opportunities to connect to people who share our commitment to building technology that uplifts humanity and strengthens communities.

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Interested in joining our team? Send us your resume and tell us what your dream position is at EarlyGroove! Email careers@earlygroove.com



Together we can make our communities stronger and be a force for positive social change. Interested in partnering with us? Email partnerships@earlygroove.com



We're building technology that's good for business and great for people. Do you want to learn more about our why? Email press@earlygroove.com