Join Zachari, owner of CasaShanti for a hands on, exciting bi-weekly intensive into the deeper understanding of your mystical book of Prophecy and Akashic records called the Tarot.

In this class we will be going over all aspect’s of the cards and metaphysical aspects like Symbolism, energy, numbers, colors, history and understanding the innate essence of your cards as well as Psychic energy.

In addition, Zachari will be sharing personal secrets, insights and his unique understanding of the psychology behind the story of life, aka the Tarot and what it’s like being a professional psychic.

Whether you’re just learning or want to learn more about the card’s or want to be around like mindedness, this workshop is for you, if you have been reading for yourself or others for a while this class will help take you to the next level of understanding, seeing and feeling your deck.

Bring your deck if you have one, a notebook and a willingness to expand as you get ready to dive into a ancient story that’s been shared, told and used as a tool for thousands of years to bring about clarity, understanding and empowerment. Tea’s on us!

Your journey evolves here.


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