Formed in small town North Carolina by 3 close friends, Swansgate was originally set up in the likeness of a jazz trio. The musical direction of frontman Stu Draughn manifested as a series of long, mostly instrumental, compositions for keys, drums, and bass.

Over time, the direction of the band evolved into a more symphonic approach to making music. With more and more elements being added to each composition, Swansgate decided to enlist drummer Mike Kaloudis so that founding member and multi-instrumentalist Michael McKinney could commit to playing electric guitar and keyboards.

Their current sound leans toward Alternative/Indie with elements of psychedelic/space rock, electronic, shibuya-kei, hip-hop, and more. Their live set includes precisely composed songs that experiment with genre-fusing and avant-garde sounds; while also keeping in mind accessibility and spontaneity so that each show is a unique, fun, and memorable experience. Currently based out of Charlotte, NC, their debut album, “Becoming Someone” was released independently on April 29, 2022.


Lofield is a post-rock collective made up of Adam Norris (Bass, Vox), Joey Colvin (Drums), and Zack Hutchinson (Guitar).

Samples, beats, angular riffs, strings, synths, and more make up the fabric of Lofield songs.

They are currently releasing their forthcoming LP, As Long As We’re Dreaming, as individual sequences until its June 18 2021 release on Sonder Records.


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