STUDIO: Blacksmithing Area | Metal Shop
LEVEL: Beginner makers 14 years old & up!*
INSTRUCTOR: Sam “Bo” Thompson of Ravens Keep Forge

Learn the basics of primitive blacksmithing with topics including safety, hammer technique, and basic forging. In this unique maker experience, the fire forges are fueled by wood scraps, a unique yet accessible way to make a forge! You will gain skills to build upon as you progress in this craft. You will take steel rod to create a decorative drive hook to take home and show off your new skills.
All tools, materials, and safety gear will be provided. Space is limited, so sign up soon!

**IMPORTANT NOTE ON APPROPRIATE ATTIRE: Shirt that is of natural fibers, jeans, and shoes that completely cover feet. Safety gear will be supplied. Also, don’t forget you’re playing with fire, so depending on the time of day and season, a hat, sunscreen and bottle of water could be useful. Don’t forget to rest up before the class and bring all your muscle!**


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