TV Moms (Brooklyn, NY) – TV Moms is a loud, grungy, guitar-drums, guy-guy rocknroll two-piece band. Ok, not all the songs are loud. There’s some singing in there, but not vocal gymnastics. Bummer rock is a thing? But a little more sarcastic. Riff-based guitar stuff that is really fun to play, even if you don’t play guitar that much. And Dave plays drums. He broke a stick a couple times.

Pretty Crimes (Raleigh, NC) – You could call them genre-fluid. Drawing influences from artists like David Bowie and St. Vincent who morph their sound between albums, Pretty Crimes creates music that ranges from indie rock to art pop. Based out of Raleigh, NC, the band consists of Dan Irving, Em Edgerton, Mike Freeman, and Alan “Chico” Marines. Their first album, You Have Your Mind, explores different sonic territories while searching out the meaning of belief. Pretty Crimes is currently working on mixing their second studio album.

Deathgirl (Asheville, NC) – Indie rock/shoegaze


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