Join us on Wednesday, May 17th at 7pm for 4 on 4th at Bookmarks! 4 on 4th is a monthly event in the bookstore, co-hosted by Winston-Salem Writers.

Three writers will read from and discuss their current books followed by a booksigning. This is a free event, and registration is requested. Books will be available for purchase at the event.

– Featured Authors and Books-

Robert E. Hampson- The Moon and the Desert is about Glenn Armstrong Shepard who had his sights set on going to Mars as a flight surgeon, but a training accident on the Moon left him crippled. Now he has a new plan: to be fitted with bionic prosthetics and come back even stronger. Fate and the Space Force have other plans, and Glenn is grounded. Another doctor—his ex-fiancée—takes his place, and Glenn will have to fight to prove he can be an astronaut once more. . . .

Bruce McIntyre – There Are No Answers Here, Only Questions is the true story of two life-altering events and the personal transformation that resulted from their unlikely collision. It’s the story of an owner preparing to sell his business and retire just as he is diagnosed with cancer. Faced with the choice of continuing with the sale and waiting to deal with cancer or putting the deal-making on hold while treating cancer, our business owner decides to take on both at the same time.

Cynthia Newberry Martin- Love Like This focuses on Angelina and Will who can choose again for the first time in a lifetime. After twenty-two years with children at home, she has no idea what she wants and is counting on the empty house to figure it out. But he already knows-he wants her, all to himself. Love Like This drops you inside a long-term marriage, where you’ll be screaming either stay or go-as you weigh the value of sticking with the familiar versus the value of venturing into the unknown.


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