STUDIO: Outdoor Metal Shop
LEVEL: Beginner makers 14 years old & up!*
INSTRUCTOR: Sam “Bo” Thompson of Ravens Keep Forge

During the Month of Metal Art, makers can learn to make a copper rose!

In this maker experience, makers will take sheet of copper and steel/brass rod and learn to:

Cut flower pattern using metal snips
Texture petals with a cross peen hammer
Heat and shape the metal with propane torch
Affix stem and bend petals to make a beautiful single rose.

Come make the rose with the maker that recognized by Our State Magazine!

Great for beginner metal workers and those curious about fun floral metal art! Come with a friend or two and make an everlasting bouquet.

**IMPORTANT NOTE ON APPROPRIATE ATTIRE: Shirt that is of natural fibers, jeans, and shoes that completely cover feet. Safety gear will be supplied. Also, don’t forget you’re playing with fire, so depending on the time of day and season, a hat, sunscreen and bottle of water could be useful. Don’t forget to rest up before the class and bring all your muscle!**


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