STUDIO: Woodshop
LEVEL: Beginner makers 16 years old+*
INSTRUCTOR: Daniel Butner
Do you want to get into woodworking or do some DIY crafts & gifts? Wooden bowls are great for hot and cold food, and look great on display!
Come to MIXXER Woodworking Studio to learn wood turning and make your own bowl!
In this Maker Experience, you will get an introduction to woodworking and learn:
Understand how wood works & behaves
Woodworking Workspace Safety
Cutting materials using power tools
Sanding & finishing wood into designs
How to use a wood lathe
and more!
Beginners and intermediate woodworking DIY’ers are welcome! Learning how to use the wood lathe is a great skill to have, come get trained on it by our experienced instructor! You’ll be able to take your new bowl home at the end of this experience, and use it right away!

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