STUDIO: Flexspace | Computer Lab | Tech Lab
Instructor: Michael Wharton of Wharton Computer Consulting
Audience: Makers of any age*
This is Hardware Mixxer-Up through Meetup. Hardware zealots that like to design, build and show off their hardware projects. It can be any type of hardware including IoT devices, Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, Computer builds, Keyboards, 3D printers, robotics and anything. Recently some hardware zealots have showed off their e-bike and electronic gimbal at local meetup. We will meet the second Thursday night of each month at 6:00 PM at the Winston Salem Mixxer.
Each month there will be a key project for group to participate in.
This month’s theme is Quantum Integrate DIY kit:
Recently purchased a Quantum Integrate DIY kit from QuantumIntegrate.com. Looks like a lot of fun configurations and hardware setups. Michael is bringing it down it to Mixxer to see what it can do! Come on down and explore what’s inside and how it works.
If you have hardware project that you would like to share or collaborate on, please come by and discuss.

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