Being an empath is often described as a blessing & a curse — and often with good reason. Empathy is defined as: “The ability to understand and share the feelings of another”. It is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence and a necessity in order develop and maintain healthy connections and community. But here’s the thing — empathy can be downright overwhelming! Especially in a world wrought with need, desperation, negative and low vibrational energy.

In this class we will be discussing the nature of empathy as a spiritual gift along with some practical rescue remedy tips to help you protect your energy and reset from empathic buildup. While empathy is a beautiful gift, it does need to be refined in order to be used as such. If you believe you are an empath and find yourself overwhelmed with anxiety, fear, the desire to isolate or just full of “other people’s stuff” — then we put together this class just for you!

Topic Overview for the 101 Class:
– What is an empath?
– Understanding the Heart Chakra: A 2-way street
– Why it is unsafe to be open to everything, even if you want to help
– The importance of spiritual and energetic cleansing
– How to reset your “home” frequency: Finding your Center
– Practical ways to set effective boundaries


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