E.J. Masicampo and Nevin Sharma Headline Monstercade!

Come see stand-up comics E.J. Masicampo (NC’s Funniest 2022) and Nevin Sharma (The Onion) co-headline Monstercade Bar in Winston-Salem! E.J. Masicampo is a psychology professor and comedian who performs stand-up across the country. He was named NC’s Funniest Person 2022, co-hosts the monthly Roar Shock Comedy Showcase, and is an okay dad. Nevin Sharma is a writer and comedian living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. His writing has appeared in The Onion, Points In Case, Slackjaw Humor Magazine and Little Stories With Animals On Friday Afternoons. Nevin is known most for his charitable giving to the community and known least for his general helpfulness.



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