Weave with us at Piedmont Craftsmen this Friday, from 6-8PM (or a little later if we’re super busy), during the Gallery Hop!!
We’re setting up a standing loom where together we’ll weave a tapestry using fiber, paper, and natural materials inspired by fiber artist Vicki Essig- one of our featured artists, along with goldsmith Rosario Garcia, from our May exhibit “Alchemy: a Process of Creation & Transformation.” This event is free and great for all ages.
Let’s have fun and learn a little weaving and make something beautiful together!
We will have materials available for everyone to add to this work of art. If you’d like to bring something to include, we suggest bringing a favorite written memory, favorite line of poetry, or passage from a beloved book to write on strips of paper or cloth; seed pods, dried flowers, a small bone or shell or feather, or something you found on a nature walk; your favorite rubber stamps of leaves or flowers or letters and numbers.
Foe inspiration, check out Vicki’s instagram @vickiessigstudio
or website at https://vickiessig.com
AND check out the exhibit in Piedmont Craftsmen’s Gallery!

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