In this workshop, Olivia will help you to explore your Chakras, which are the energy channels and centers of the body. We will dive into the essence of each chakra, what creates blockages and imbalances, how to clear them, and how to support ourselves through that process.

What You’ll Learn:
-Why chakras are the foundation of all healing
-The origin and history of the 5,000 year old health care system system of Ayurveda
-How to “read” your own chakras with a pendulum
-The chakra system and how it relates to mental, physical, and spiritual functions
-What physical ailments and diseases are a result of blocked chakras (such as anxiety, depression, lower back pain, etc)
-How to notice when you are experiencing imbalances and how to correct them with food and lifestyle recommendations
-and more!

Participants will receive a 10-page detailed handout to take home. Please bring a pendulum if you have one!

Chai tea latte and light refreshments provided.

Limited seats available


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