Join us at Piedmont Craftsmen’s Gallery, Thursday, May 19th at 6:30PM for a talk with fiber artist Vicki Essig. During this talk, she will tell us about her more traditional work and take us through the process her absolutely incredible collaboration with silkworms in a project titled “Memento Mori” -where she raised silkworms and choreographed them into making a dress.
Vicki Essig is a fiber artist most known for her work using fine handwoven silk and cotton with found natural curiosities and antique manuscripts composed onto and woven into the cloth. You can see some of this work in Piedmont Craftsmen’s current exhibit “Alchemy: A Process of Transformation & Creation” on view through May 28th.
Vicki tells us about her project “Memento Mori”:
“Memento Mori” was created entirely by silkworms. This year I raised over 400 bombyx mori, ie. silkworms, for the sole purpose of having them create this dress. They were coerced into making the fabric pattern pieces and then into stitching these pieces together.”
It’s important to note that no silkworms were harmed in the production of this work.
Vicki Essig lives and works in the mountains Asheville, NC. She has been a member of Piedmont Craftsmen since 2000.
This event is FREE. Doors to the Gallery will open at 6PM so attendees will have a chance to view the exhibit beforehand.
Masks are encouraged but not required.

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