The Snob Shop


locally owned by friends and family since 1974
snob is proud to be the first consignment shop in Winston-Salem. Locally owned by friends and family since 1974. Our goal is the delicate balance of providing our consignors the best and quickest possible return on consigned items and our customers the highest quality, most fairly priced offerings. After over 47 years we have developed a special bond with our patrons. We recognize and appreciate the loyalty that has kept us here and prosperous.

up to 70% of the money you spend goes directly to your neighbor
We are passionate about what we do and the positive impact a collective like snob has on the community. A purchase at snob is exponentially beneficial. Up to 70% of the money you spend, literally, goes to your neighbor. You provide stable jobs and strengthen the local tax base — Your money does not leave the community.

consignment is the ultimate form of recycling
By reselling items for their original purpose, no energy is wasted transforming materials into other goods. When we extend the lifetime of an object through multiple hands it means many more objects kept out of landfills. snob has discontinued the use of disposable plastic bags for merchandise at our store as of 2018. snob only uses recycled materials for wrapping breakables and shipping.