Reynolda Village Shops & Restaurants


Reynolda Village is comprised of charming historic buildings which once supported the 1,067 acre estate of the R.J. Reynolds family. The restored buildings now house unique stores, restaurants, services, and offices.

These buildings were modeled after an English Village and included dairy barns, a cattle shed, school, post office, smokehouse, blacksmith shop, carriage house, central power and heating plant as well as cottages to house the family’s chauffeur and stenographer, the village’s school master, and the farm’s head dairyman and horticulturist.

Reynolda Village is part of the Reynolda estate, which includes the world-class Reynolda House Museum of American Art and stunning Reynolda Gardens.

Reynolda Village is adjacent to Wake Forest University, Graylyn International Conference Center, and the Buena Vista residential neighborhood in Winston-Salem, NC.