Mosquito Authority - Greater Milwaukee


This is the time of year when ticks are most active. They hitch a ride on your dog or cat and go looking for a host to feed off of. Most people don’t realize how dangerous these little bugs can be, but we do. The good news is that there are several natural tick repellents that can help keep them away from your pet and family. Mosquito Authority – Greater Milwaukee recommends both the prevention of tick bites and natural tick repellents for dogs, pets, and children. If your neighbor used a jar of baby powder to keep the ticks away, you’d think they were crazy. That’s because pesticides have been tested and are safe to use. Tick repellents in spray canisters on the other hand have not been tested and have no approval label. Ticks pose a serious health threat to pets and people especially those with allergies. If a female tick is allowed to feed on your pet, it can multiply into hundreds of thousands in just a few months. mosquito control in Milwaukee, WI. A safe, and natural alternative to pesticides that protect you from the harmful diseases caused by mosquitoes while keeping your yard beautiful.