This is who we are. 

ArtsGreensboro is a community-supported nonprofit organization and the largest public and private alliance dedicated to sustaining our local arts economy.

Thanks to annual contributions to the ArtsFund, ArtsGreensboro invests in arts organizations, projects, teachers, and artists by awarding resources through competitive grant programs, strategic leadership, advocacy, promotional and shared services, and professional development. ArtsGreensboro has served as an “incubator” for many emerging arts organizations such as the North Carolina Folk Festival and Casa Azul.

This is what we believe. 

  • The arts are meant for everyone; they connect and inspire us.
  • The arts are a vital part of our economy; they build healthy and thriving communities to live, work, and play.
  • The arts play a vital role in our children’s education and development.

These are Our Core Values.


  • Mitigates barriers to participation and supports activities that increase access to the arts for all citizens.
  • Embraces inclusion and diversity and cultural programming that is representative of Greensboro’s multicultural community
  • Elevates the work of local artists and organizations; enhancing and expanding the artistic vitality of our city
  • Advocates for arts and culture as catalysts to economic development in Greensboro.

This is how we make a difference.