Survey Results


The EarlyGroove team has been growing and evolving thanks to fantastic local and online entrepreneurial resources. Key in our learning has involved gaining a deeper understanding of what is most important to the organizations and individuals we serve.

In 2019 we conducted a survey of businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits across the North Carolina Piedmont Triad region to learn more the businesses we serve.

We learned the top 3 reasons local businesses and organizations hold business, networking, cultural, and other types of events are to:

  1. Build Community & Have Fun
  2. Provide Education, Training, Or Skill Building
  3. Raise Brand Awareness & Find Customers/Partners

Our survey also confirmed something we already knew – y’all are community builders! Locally businesses, organizations, and community groups are sharing their knowledge and skills through workshops, trainings, and other learning opportunities — and many of these opportunities are free!

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