Learn how to use simple tools and effective techniques to reduce muscle tension and stress and improve ease of movement and range of motion.

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Today’s work-from-home lifestyle shows up as cycles of prolonged sitting, leaning over keyboards and too many virtual meetings to count, resulting in tight hips and hamstrings, reduced range of motion and increased stress-induced muscle tension.

Join Cheri Timmons, RYT 200 and Certified Health Coach, for a 90-minute, live, online workshop to learn how to use the rejuvenating techniques of lower-body self-myofascial release to rebalance and energize your body, while relieving muscle tightness and feelings of stress.

Why myofascial release?

Fascia is the vast network of connective tissues throughout your entire body. Myofascia refers to the fascial network which surrounds each of your muscles. All of these fibers are designed to slide and glide over one another during movement. However, repetitive actions (sitting, standing, exercise) or injury can cause tissues to become inflamed, thickened and tight, leading to reduced range of motion, muscle tension and even pain.

This live, virtual workshop will include education, demonstration and facilitation to help you learn and practice how to use simple tools and specific techniques for lower-body self-myofascial release, allowing you to free the tight spots and bring more ease into your yoga practice, other physical activities and day-to-day life.

This workshop is designed for yoga students of all levels*. You will need a yoga mat, two tennis balls, a long sock, foam roller, towel or small blanket and some water.

A recording will be provided to all registrants, so you can continue to learn and practice the techniques introduced in this workshop.

$30 per person

*It is recommended that you consult with your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine.