All Things Hardware Maker Meet is all about computers, laptops, cell phones, Raspberry Pi, Arduinos or anything with a computer processor!
On the 2nd Thursday of the month, Mixxer hosts a hangout for hardware enthusiasts that like doing all things with hardware and exchanging ideas and tips. Bring your project or just hang out as birds of a feather!
Want to build a new computer or upgrade your existing computer? Bring it to this All Things Hardware Maker Meet, and get expert guidance on building a new computer or upgrading existing computer. Together we can figure out the rights computer parts and the proper way to install hardware and software and getting your computer up and running.
Does your laptop need some TLC? Bring it to Mixxer’s All Things Hardware Maker Meet to replace battery, clean keyboard, upgrade disk drive or simply reset laptop back to factory settings. Easier than you think, and it’s a lot of fun too!
Interested in building a small computer with lots of capability then think about building a Raspberry Pi desktop? Bring your ideas the Mixxer and we can get your started with getting the right parts for your build. We will help you assemble the Raspberry Pi and walk you thru the process of installing the operating system.
Want to build cool IOT (Internet Of Things) projects? This Maker Meet can help provide guidance with breadboards, Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, sensors and wiring it all together. Maybe 3D a cool printer case for your IOT project as well.
The possibilities are endless when you’re with friends learning cool stuff.

INSTRUCTOR BIO: Michael Wharton is the founder of Wharton Computer Consulting in Winston-Salem. Michael has been an independent software consultant for over past 30 years, specializing in project management, software development, Office 365, Machine Learning and Quantum Processing. Awarded MVP (Microsoft Valuable Professional) for 7 years in a row!


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