Triad Restorative Justice


Advancing equity and trust within our community by responding to conflict, crime and injustice with effective restorative practices, trainings and education.

Restorative Justice seeks to strengthen communities through healing harm and restoring relationships between the offenders, the offended and the community that connects them. This Facebook page is a place for those who see the promise of RJ and want to find ways to bring restoration to the people in Forsyth County, NC. RJ has practical applications in schools, churches, social work, community relations, businesses, and the whole criminal justice system.
For now, we are not an official organization, but we do have strong ties with Compassionate Winston-Salem. We are exploring the idea of establishing a center for restorative justice and developing a vision of what that might look like. We would love your insight and thoughts on this vision, so please leave comments and posts to share your ideas.
If your church or community organization would like to know more about Restorative Justice, we are happy to come a present to your group. We can also present on related topics such as compassion and nonviolence. Just send us a message.