The Performance Project


Come train with the nerds.

Who is Team Performance Project?
We are runners, triathletes, adventure racers, gravel bikers, ultrarunners, and SwimRun athletes. We like to geek out about sports science, train smart, and have fun.
What do we offer?
We specialize in remote-based running and multisport coaching, and offer some in-person services to local athletes. Training for an ultramarathon, triathlon, or SwimRun event can be complicated. As a running & triathlon coach, Coach Rebecca simplifies this process for you by providing online coaching & custom training programs which are not only scientific, but also offer emotional support every step of the way. Furthermore, as your personal running or triathlon coach, she manages your training load which is essential to keep you free from injury and guarantee steady and strong progression. Your training program is custom designed to fit perfectly into your lifestyle, physiology, and goals. With a PhD in Exercise Science and a lifetime of sporting experience, Coach Rebecca uses science to design your training – whether it be for a 5 km, ultramarathon, SwimRun event, or triathlon – she’s got you covered.