The Feelings Company


Our mission? We grow children emotionally stronger✨ Learn how we do it here!

Hi, my name is Karen Cuthrell and I am the creator of The Feeling Friends. The Feeling Friends is a Social Emotional Learning Program that teaches it’s important to identify, express, and manage your feelings.

Three components make The Feeling Friends Educational Kit successful.

First, The Feeling Friends includes professional development for early childhood teachers which helps teachers develop their SEL skills.

Second, direct instruction with effective interventions are embedded in The Feeling Friends, giving children repeated opportunities to practice SEL skills throughout the day.

Third, The Feeling Friends engage children’s families, so that children have a chance to work on their SEL skills both at school and at home.

The foundation of The Feeling Friends is LOVE is the most important Feeling! It is in this LOVE that children Grow Emotionally Stronger!