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Come tour our coworking space at Provident1898 to discover a better way to connect with a community of diverse entrepreneurs in Durham, North Carolina.

Do you have great ideas but long for a community to provide inspiration on how to bring those ideas into reality? Provident1898 is a coworking space designed for entrepreneurs and artists, inspired by the legacy of Black business pioneers. Located in Durham, North Carolina, we provide a comfortable, lively space designed to enhance productivity, while also allowing you access to an entrepreneurial community of diverse innovators and creators. When you join Provident1898, you will find you don’t have to walk the journey alone. Our space allows you to be part of a transformative community of movers and shakers sure to spark new ideas and provide the inspiration you are looking for to bring them to fruition. Take advantage of our coworking space, resources to supplement your needs, space for events, and more, and see how working in this ecosystem can give you the type of connection you need to succeed.

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