Montessori School of Durham


1st Accredited Montessori School in North Carolina.  Serving children from 15 months through 6th grade. Igniting passion and curiosity for lifelong learning.

Founded in 1976, MSD became the first school in North Carolina to be Accredited by the American Montessori Society, in 1996.

Montessori School of Durham (MSD) lays foundations for intellectual, moral, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual competence in our students. We shape young people who have a sense of the grand order of the universe, who can assume their rights and responsibilities, find joy in learning, and who delight among the peoples and in the places where they live.

Teachers guide children to:

  • learn to make decisions in their practical lives,
  • explore a myriad of sensory experiences,
  • savor the power of words,
  • revel in the elegance of mathematics,
  • cultivate their unique voice through the arts,
  • discover continents and cultures in geography,
  • observe the marvelous wonders of the natural world,
  • and link the past to the present in historical studies.