A Creative Collaborative Community working to bring about Winston-Salem’s premier maker space. Your Place to Create Art and Innovation What will you build?

Simply put, MIXXER is a makerspace that provides its members access to high-tech tools, traditional tools, and the space to use them. This environment attracts makers that are creative, innovative, and willing to collaborate and share knowledge. MIXXER is a community. We believe that MIXXER connects the dots of innovation, technology, art and entrepreneurship in Winston-Salem by providing tangible resources and a supportive community where ideas can become reality.

We believe that innovation happens when people feel compelled to act on their creative notions, and that a community that supports that activity will thrive. We also believe that creating an atmosphere that encourages innovation and creativity can fuel economic development in a community, thereby opening opportunities to people of divergent backgrounds and sparking unique and innovative solutions to ever-changing problems.