Körner’s Folly


Victorian Home of Jule Körner, interior designer, built in 1880 in Kernersville, North Carolina. Open for self-guided tours 5 days a week (Wednesdays – Sundays). Explore the 22-room house museum at your own pace.

Designed to house the portfolio of interior decorator and artist, Jule Gilmer Körner, the 134-year-old Körner’s Folly is a labyrinthine tribute to one man’s unique architectural vision.

Located in historic downtown Kernersville, Körner’s Folly was built from 1878-1880. Körner’s Folly now has 22 rooms located on 7 levels with 15 fireplaces. Located on the top level is one of the first private little theaters built in the US. Throughout the house you will see murals on almost every ceiling, elaborately carved woodwork, numerous cast-plaster details, and original furnishings.