Downtown Greenway Greensboro, NC


Walk, Ride, Explore, Connect on this 4-mile urban loop that connects neighborhoods throughout the city of Greensboro, NC.

“Greensboro stands alone as the only North Carolina city that will have an urban trail that encircles downtown. This is made possible by the configuration of old railroad tracks and rail yards, and a city street network that affords the opportunity. The Downtown Greenway will become a signature landscape within Greensboro in the years to come.”
– Chuck Flink, President, Greenways Inc.

Imagine being able to walk around downtown Greensboro — or getting on your bike to ride safely around the center city. Imagine an urban trail that would enable you to EXPLORE the dozen-plus neighborhoods at the heart of Greensboro, a place where you might CONNECT with old friends and make new ones.

The Downtown Greenway, a planned 4.8-mile loop around downtown Greensboro, will provide a place for residents and visitors to exercise, see local neighborhoods and view public art. It will also become a place for planned and spontaneous meetings with others from the community – a tangible, visible example of community.