Casita Brewing Company


At Casita Brewing Company, we believe our purpose is to craft community connections and a diverse range of beers.
We hope you will choose us to be a part of the backdrop of your life. Whether it’s by participating in an event at the brewery, cheersing a pint at one of our accounts, or sharing a beer with a loved one at home.
We value:
Creativity-We believe everyone can be creative. Everyone has ideas they can contribute.
Community-We believe all communities connect. We want to bring people together and help people create connections because we need each other.
Compassion-We believe that compassion is restorative. Compassion solves problems that empathy alone cannot.
Craftsmanship-We believe everyone in our company can have skill in their craft. Whether your craft is making marketing, making posts, making beer, pouring beer, or delivering beer, you can do it with skill.
Self-Control-We believe that we are our best selves when we are in control of ourselves and accountable to ourselves to doing our best.