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Artspace is a visual arts center that inspires creativity in our community by providing opportunities to engage with artists and the creative process. Artspace is free + open to the public.

Artspace exists to inspire creative energy through exposing, engaging, and educating all in the community about the creative process. Artspace believes in supporting the careers and development of artists of all levels by providing time and space to work, the opportunity to engage with other artists locally and outside of the community, exposure to the community through exhibiting their work, and professional development opportunities. Artspace serves the public by introducing them to diverse artistic styles from artists both inside and outside of the area and by further educating them regarding the creative process. We believe in creating avenues whereby the public and artists can come together to engender a better understanding and commitment to the visual arts. At Artspace we host an environment in which artists of all levels and ages can learn and exchange ideas.
Whatever boundaries one may face to experiencing the creative process (the stigma of elitism, expensive classes, physical disabilities, etc), Artspace breaks down those barriers by being accessible and real. We believe that nourishing the soul is vitally important to our community’s well-being. We would be remiss if we did not reach out to everyone in the community as we seek to improve the community as a whole. By bringing free art programming to children and adults where they live and play, we are breaking down the barriers of cost and transportation that may hinder many economically-disadvantaged families from participating in arts education.
Artspace challenges members of our community to appreciate and learn from art, to express themselves, and to positively engage in and influence their surroundings. By doing so, we hope to create leaders of tomorrow that will follow their intuition and inspire others to think creatively to address community issues

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