a/perture cinema


a/perture is a nonprofit art house cinema and destination in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem for those who love the art of film!

In January 2010, a/perture cinema opened as a small two-screen art house cinema with the purpose of showcasing independent, foreign, documentary, local and festival films. a/perture quickly became a destination for non-commercial and artistic films that were not offered elsewhere in Winston-Salem and the surrounding communities.

Located in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem, a/perture revived the theatrical experience in the central business district. Over the past eleven years, a/perture has become a space to enjoy and celebrate art on film while fostering social capital and shared experiences. a/perture provides the community a home for more than 4,000 film screenings and events per year.

a/perture’s mission is to engage and entertain the community through the art of film by showcasing informative, educational, thought-provoking and inspiring films – films that enrich lives, engage minds, promote diversity and build community.