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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the Event Submission Review Process?

EarlyGroove is a digital platform to share and promote community events. Event and content submissions will be reviewed to ensure alignment with our vision of promoting experiences that encourage participation and belonging in our communities and to ensure that events meet the criteria in our Submission Guidelines and Terms of Use.

  • For EasyGroove members, event submissions will be reviewed within 48 hours.
  • For paid SteadyGroove or ReadyGroove members, event submissions will be reviewed within 24 hours.
  • SteadyGroove or ReadyGroove import requests will be reviewed within 24 hours—once imports have been established, events will then automatically be imported and updated thereafter.
  • We will send an email letting you know when your event submission or import request has been approved!
  • We reserve the right to remove any content that does not meet EarlyGroove’s Submission Guidelines and Terms of Use.
+ Is Event Submission Always Free?

EarlyGroove was built on the idea that it doesn’t matter if you’re a neighborhood group, individual creator, or small business putting on an event with little to no budget — or if you’re a venue or business with regular weekly events and a full marketing team — we believe you should have the same opportunity and equal playing field to get your events seen.

So yes, event submission will always be free — just select our EasyGroove plan to share your groovy event with the world!

+ Why Don't You Provide Event Ticketing?

We built EarlyGroove to do one thing, and one thing well — promote the grooviest events in your backyard. As an event promotion platform, we are not a ticketing or booking service, but can always link to your ticketing site!

That’s whey we leave ticketing to those who do it best, like Eventbrite and other groovy platforms!

+ Can I Edit or Delete my Events?

Yes!  When you create an event on EarlyGroove you can edit event details, update categories, or delete events if needed.

For monthly SteadyGroove members and annual ReadyGroove members, For imported events, any changes you make to your events from Eventbrite, Meetup, or your iCal calendar feed, will be automatically updated on EarlyGroove either on a weekly or daily basis, depending on your plan.

Reach out to our Support Team if you have any questions!

+ Can My Event Be Connected to Multiple Categories?

Yes! We encourage you to select as many of the EarlyGroove categories that directly apply to your event.

For example, maybe you’re a music venue that is hosting a benefit concert — you could have your event show up in Music, Concerts & Festivals and Community, Connections & Causes!

+ How Is My Event Already On EarlyGroove?

At EarlyGroove, we are all about discovering and promoting events that inspire, delight, and help people create their best lives.  If your event is on EarlyGroove — congratulations, we think you’re super groovy! 

If you’d like to keep your imported events on EarlyGroove, sign up for one of our monthly or annual plans and get special savings using one of these special discount codes:  nonprofit

  • Monthly SteadyGroove Discount Code: STEADY10, save $10.00 on your first month’s membership!
  • Annual ReadyGroove Discount Code:  READY10, save 10% on your initial annual membership, a savings of $18.00!

And remember, if you’re a nonprofit or educational organization, check out your special code for even more savings!

+ What Is Your Refund Policy?

We want to make sure you’re completely satisfied! That’s why we offer a groovy 14-Day No-Risk Guarantee. If you don’t like EarlyGroove over the first 14 days of your paid SteadyGroove or ReadyGroove membership, you can cancel and we’ll happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked!

Submit your Refund Request by using our Support Form and selecting “Subscriptions/Billing” or emailing us directly at

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The GrooveList

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