45 Minute Digital Community Learning Sessions – Fuel your body, sharpen your skills & feel the energy of the community without leaving your desk! Every Wednesday at Noon, tune in LIVE to Action Greensboro’s Facebook page for a 45 minute session.

Join Katie Marshall as she helps us survive Zoom calls! During the session Katie will focus on presenting as a team leader to a group, communicating successfully and authentically with your group in Zoom calls, navigating Zoom issues and non-verbal communication tips.

About Our Presenter:

In 2013, Katie Marshall was a selected speaker for TEDxGreensboro. In the 7 years since, she created an employee resource group, led presentation skills trainings for executives and first time employees, spoke at entrepreneurial and leadership events from Montreal, Canada to Greensboro, and started her own consulting business – on top of earning not one, but two black belts in martial arts.

As a presentation coach, speaker, and trainer, Katie pulls from her experiences to effectively engage with speakers of all levels. When coaching TEDx speakers, she calls on her own Talk experience. When empowering leaders communicating major change initiatives, she shares how to navigate the physiological impact of communicating under pressure. Regardless of speaker or message, Katie taps into the individual’s personal strengths. She believes the goal of presentations is not perfection, but authenticity.

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