A wide variety of community partners (listed below) have collaborated to bring Undesign the Redline to Winston-Salem, an exhibit on our deep local and national history of redlining.

The interactive curriculum explores the history of racism and inequality, reflecting how these concepts were compounded by and reflected in 1938 redlining maps. We’ll also focus in on Winston-Salem’s own redlining history: you’ll learn more about how and why our own city’s physical layout evolved in the way it did.

Exhibit will be open Monday – Saturday 12 to 2 PM; Monday – Thursday 4 to 6 PM.

While the exhibit can be self-guided, we are also offering guided tours (click here to see guided tours). No reservations are needed. Please meet inside the Central Library just outside the Auditorium a few minutes before the tour is to start. Face masks are required for all participants.


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