Bookmaking & Print Making
July 5-9
M – F

Discover the creative world of printmaking and bookmaking in this week-long camp! Our aspiring artists will explore various printmaking techniques including; monoprinting, sun prints, and collagraphs! Their finished prints will be incorporated into a finished hand-sewn book to share their own creative stories.

Descubre el mundo creativo del grabado y la creación de libros en este campamento de una semana! Nuestros aspirantes a artistas explorarán varias técnicas de grabado que incluyen; monoimpresión, fotocopias y colografia! Sus impresiones terminadas se incorporarán a un libro terminado cosido a mano para compartir sus propias historias creativas.

This year Mixxer is dedicated to offering Equitable Access to STEAM Experiences for students. Put simply, the term “Equitable Access” refers to the notion that every student should have the same opportunity as any other student for being taught by a great teacher in a great program. Our Equitable Access Initiative provides each student with lunch every day of camp, all supplies needed, and low-cost tuition.


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