In this maker experience, you will be introduced to linocutting. Also known as linoleum art and lino printing, linocutting is a printmaking technique where you will create your design, hand carve it into linoleum to fashion a unique print!

Instructor Bio: Maddy Carlson is a maker, artist, and educator hailing from Washington state. She brings her experience and knowledge working and teaching in museum maker spaces to Winston-Salem. As a co-founder of Collective Arts, she partners with local maker spaces and museums, to bring art-based experiences, workshops, and camps to the community.

Maddy’s vision and dream is to connect with local creatives, makers, and businesses through Collective Arts WS. She hopes to create a space for interdisciplinary artists of all ages and levels to create and learn collectively.

MIXXER is excited to partner with Collective Arts in this workshop as well as in our STEAM education experiences. Check them out at www.collectiveartsws.com!


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