Intimidated by Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and all the other fancy Graphic Design programs? Lightburn Software not only controls our lasers, but offers an affordable, powerful and easy to learn graphic design alternative.

This class will focus on Lightburn and teach the participant the skills needed to design and prepare projects for the Laser. We will cover the basics, learn many tricks and shortcuts in Lightburn. By using free art from the internet and the graphic design capabilities in Lightburn, you will learn how to quickly design custom pieces that will make beautiful gifts for your family and friends or products to sell to your customers. During the class we will design Ornaments, but this skills can be applied to almost anything you want to design in Lightburn.We recommend bringing a laptop, but folks can follow along without.
This is a great intro for members and visitors alike!

Suggested prerequisite:

  • Watch this video (~45min) explaining the machine basics as well as laser technology!

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