Entrepreneurs are all about innovation. Yet if we believe the hype around innovation, we’d all have to move to Silicon Valley and get a foosball table and bean bag chairs. Good news! You don’t have to move or refurnish. Join this lunch and learn session to dispel the myths that limit entrepreneurship including having to be first in your industry, that innovation requires a new product, that a great idea will sell itself and more.

We’ll look at the Dale Carnegie Innovation Process and the thinking mechanism that drives it have been responsible for zillions of dollars of innovation because it’s the fundamental process that drives all great solutions. This “lunch ‘n’ learn” session will help you discover mindsets and the innovation process that will help you enhance innovation in your work and life outside of work. Great solutions await, and you don’t even have to get stuck in a beanbag chair.

Please note that the ticket fee includes a provided lunch for the participants of the session.

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