This is NOT your grandma’s gin! Today’s gin is a fabulously diverse canvas on which to paint a plethora of intensely-flavored libations.
Become a master of the new gin at our famous BMC Cocktail Labs! Each attendee will receive a flight of 6 tiny samples of unique gins and 3 half cocktails. We will also have light munchies on hand.
BMC’s Cocktail Labs are the ultimate way to take your cocktail game to the next level. At each Lab, we feature a single-core spirit, tasting through a lineup of the best samples – letting you compare and contrast, all without spending a single penny at the ABC store. Then, we use the featured spirit in a range of intriguing cocktails, so you can expand your mastery and learn new favorites.
Come learn from our skilled Mixologists and become the maestro of your next cocktail party.

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