The Ghostlight Concerts with Soultriii with support by King Ibe Bello
Ghostlights are a tradition almost as old as theatre itself – they light the stages when there are no performers, keeping the spirit of the theatre alive. After six months of just our ghostlight, we are thrilled to replace it with live performances on the Carolina Theatre stage! Seating will be available, but will be limited to 25 guests for each show, per government mandates. All guests will be asked to sign a liability waiver, and wear a face covering unless seated in the Auditorium.

Tickets are $20 plus 6.75% NC Sales tax.
Tickets include one admission, one concessions item and one beverage.
Sorry, draft beer and popcorn not currently available.
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Soultriii is North Carolina’s first hybrid band… refusing to be confined to one musical genre. Soultriii has the ability to perform any genre of music: R&B, Neo-Soul, Pop, Rock, etc. You name it, they rock it.

Soultriii (pronounced sultry), by definition, means: expressing or arousing desire. Founded in 2010. People always ask why there are so many band members – to which they respond, “We dare to be different, by merging a variety of vocal ranges and instruments. You will love every minute of our performance.”

​Through combining the vast styles and tastes of each vocalist, the group achieves harmonized perfection. Each note the band plays redefines a unique sound for an industry that has lost its soulful feeling. Individually, that member is gifted and special, but together they are EXCEPTIONAL.
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North Carolina’s own king of Afro Beats – King Ibe Bello – opens the show with his original songs, featuring the newest genre to hit the airwaves: Afro Beats. Afro Beats is a combination of traditional African music with elements of jazz, soul and funk.
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What you need to know before your visit to the Carolina Theatre
Please bring your mask/face covering as it is required to wear unless you are seated in the Auditorium. We will have complimentary disposable masks available if needed.
The front doors will open 30 minutes prior to scheduled curtain time. Please bring your email receipt for entry, and your Waiver of Liability with you. This is not a public performance so only ticketed guests will be allowed in, and there will not be any walk-up sales. But don’t worry, we will have a list of those who have purchased tickets if you leave your email/receipt at home.

Staff will greet you inside the Lobby doors (with face coverings). Temperatures may be taken at this time. You will be given a drink coupon (or coupons if you have pre-purchased additional beverages). Our staff will assist you with your beverage and concessions selections. We will have a variety of bottled beer, wine, soft drinks, tea and water, as well as an array of candy. Unfortunately, popcorn will not be available.
Please maintain social distancing at all times. This is a general admission show, and with only 25 tickets available and over 700 seats downstairs to choose from, we will not be blocking off seats, but we do require you to leave two empty rows and at least three empty seats between parties. Staff will be available for any seating questions.

Remember to use one of the many hand sanitizing stations throughout the Theater. They are there for your safety and convenience.

This event is being videotaped for rebroadcast at a later date. Your entry acknowledges your consent to use your image should it be captured on video during the performance.


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