Join us August 15 – October 15th for a joint exhibition with Photographer Jasmine Huff & Jewelry Designer Nannette Gatti Davis. The exhibit will take place in the Arts Council’s Arboreal Gallery AND online. Visit jasminehuff.com to see the work.

How their collaboration came together: Nannette debuted a custom jewelry collection with fashion designer Puja Arora at Winston-Salem Fashion Week 2018, which developed into a collection that was shown at New York Fashion Week 2019 (NYFW 2019). To honor the NYFW 2019 collection, Jasmine and Nannette began discussing how photography could be used creatively to enhance the presentation of the jewelry.

Their vision was a photographic narrative that showcased not only how the jewelry was to be worn, but how each piece transforms its wearer. Jasmine’s photography offers a new view of the collection, which elevates both the models and the jewelry they are wearing into works of art, wholly and fully beautiful. Nannette shared that vision, and it continues as the foundation of the Jasmine and Nannette collaboration.

*Please wear a mask and maintain an appropriate distance when visiting this exhibit in person.*

The artists would like to thank the following organizations and supporters for making this event possible:
Curator: Lindsay Piper Potter-Figueiredo
Models: Jerotich Yegon and Emily Ortiz Badalamente
Studio Space: Sawtooth School for Visual Art
Coordinating Producer: Shannon Stokes
ANWS Art Nouveau Winston Salem
Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County

Mark Your Calendar:
Join us Friday, October 2nd at 7 PM for a virtual Q&A with the artists, curator and models of “Form / Texture / Light / Shadow.” This event, moderated by Shannon Stokes, will discuss the origins and impact of the exhibition.


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