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Limited seating.
Tickets go on sale on April 1, 2021.
Tickets: $50

There is an absence of light, before the light. A simple bare stage in the waning gloaming, and I can see Darrell make his way to a lone microphone. He is here to shine that light on matters of the heart─the grit, grease, gristle, and most importantly, the marrow beneath the breastbone.
And what is the path that shapes us as we go along, those true defining moments without which we would be hollow versions of our current selves? For Darrell, it was coming from a musical family with a father who had him smitten with guitars by the age of 4, alongside a brother who played Jerry Reed style as well. From there, things only ramped up with literature and poetry endeavors while a student at Tufts University, along with playing his way through life.

The Alleghany Arts Council is very pleased to offer the opportunity to experience Darrell as part of the 6th annual Backwoods Beat Music Festival in the intimate listening room of Muddy Creek Music Hall in Sparta NC.


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