In Person Meeting Only at MIXXER – Not remote

Free event open to Non Mixxer Members!

Bring a chair. We can meet outside, on the doc or inside depending on weather.

6:00 The Gathering and Socializing at Mixxer

—-Introductions — Name, Years Printing, What You Like to Print
—-Grab a drink and chat

6:30 Program
1) Show Off your 3D printed projects
2) My New Discoveries – Links, YouTube, How–To, Movies
3) Discuss 3D printer Issues

We will do temperature checks, social distancing, face coverings and encourage use of our sanitizing stations. Dress appropriately, we will meet on the lawn or if rain, under the dock.  Should it be necessary, we can meet at the back inside with the garage bay doors open for air flow and sit socially distanced.


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