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Belonging: Radha Agrawal

Here at EarlyGroove HQ we were first introduced to Radha Agrawal after hearing her conversation with Jonathan Fields on the podcast Good Life Project.  A week later, we serendipitously stumbled on BELONG at our local nonprofit bookstore & literary arts organization, Bookmarks, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Since then, we’ve bought 3 more… Continue reading >

The Decemberists & Carson Ellis

We’ve been hard at work over here at EarlyGroove HQ & music helps us through many a long day.  When we’re in the mood for some modern indie folk music with a literary twist, our go-to band is The Decemberists.  Hailing from Portland, Oregon this band has been creating beautiful… Continue reading >

Humans of New York & Connection

We recently listened to an episode of one of our favorite podcasts where The Tim Ferriss Show, where Tim talks with Brandon Stanton, founder of Humans of New York, who discusses how he began photographing and interviewing people on the streets of New York in order to authentically connect and better understand… Continue reading >

Finding Connection

Here at EarlyGroove HQ we’ve been enjoying artist and poet Cleo Wade’s beautiful book, Heart Talk, and feeling the love and connection radiating from her poems, notes, and thoughts on living a better life. We believe the path to a better life is filled with discovery, inquiry, and creativity, and our… Continue reading >