Belonging: Radha Agrawal

Here at EarlyGroove HQ we were first introduced to Radha Agrawal after hearing her conversation with Jonathan Fields on the podcast Good Life Project.  A week later, we serendipitously stumbled on BELONG at our local nonprofit bookstore & literary arts organization, Bookmarks, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Since then, we’ve bought 3 more copies of this wonderful book as gifts.

In BELONG: Find Your People, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Life, Radha beautifully synthesizes the fact that belonging is not only key to our well-being as individuals, but is critical to the health of our ecosystem.  Our EarlyGroove team couldn’t agree more and we’re grateful for wisdom and tools that help foster belonging and fuel more vibrant, nourishing, and connected communities.

Radha Agrawal is a social entrepreneur who co-founded Daybreaker and built a global community of more than 500,000 people and her book is a recipe for intentional community and relationship building as she weaves personal experience with research, shared wisdom with practical advice, and provides a clear roadmap on how we can show up in our own lives and develop deeper, more meaningful connections with others.  If you can’t tell – we’re a big fan!

“Life is a grand adventure, and you can’t go it alone. Your community will give you wings to create fearlessly.”
-Radha Agrawal, #BELONGBOOK